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DIANADROL is a considered the best weight gainer Bodybuilding Supplement designed to offer drastic and rapid results. Safe and Legal Dabol Alternative. This supplement is most often used during the bulking phase of training. If you’re trying to gain weight, 12 to 20 Pounds and even more of PURE Muscle with ONLY 1 Bottle this is the product for you. It outperforms any high calorie shakes by only delivering quality muscle gains. It has been clinically proven to build lean muscle mass…. it fights free radical damage to muscles and hence assist in anabolic muscle building. Increase energy, aggression and fight fatigue in muscles. Burn calories even at rest due to larger muscle mass. Boost metabolism help give muscles shape and definition.
Each bottle contains 100 capsules.
Recommended dose: 1-3 capsules daily. Dose: Take 1-3 Capsules a day. Spread dose evenly throughout day. Take each pill with a full glass of water.


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