TESTROL is fast becoming #1 among testosterone boosters. Why? It’s simple: Our German-engineered efficacy and safety. Take the motivating effects of TESTROL to the gym, building muscle. Take it to the bedroom. Or take it to add aggressiveness while achieving your daily goals. TESTROL is a true German American Technologies breakthrough! Each powerful 2000mg contains a staggering amount of the most potent phytonutrients currently on the market, in one easy-to-use formula. 
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Sexual Performance
  • Highly Anabolic
Testrol’s supplement formula in tablet form offers you the perfect supplement to bulk up in size as you improve your strength!

The eleven essential ingredients in Testrol are important because they provide exactly what you need to increase the size of your muscles. The GAT Testrol complex is specifically designed to work with testosterone levels and build up your muscles in the process.

• Zinc – Increases natural production of nitric oxide, leading to a more rigid erection

• Magnesium – Magnesium promotes muscle strength and endurance

• Selenium – Needed for production of sperm, and testosterone

• Tribulus Terrestris – A potent natural testosterone enhancer
• Avena Sativa – Has the effect of increasing free testosterone levels
• APG Gold L-Arginine – Increases natural production of nitric oxide, leading to a more rigid erection
• Macuna Pruriens Seed – Fertility promoting and spermatogenic effects in human males
• Fenugreek – great increase in free testosterone levels
• Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa – induces smooth muscle relaxation, allowing for maximum arterial dilation and increased blood flow.
• Cnidium Monnier – increases nitric oxide release and inhibits PDE-5, allowing erections to be sustained for longer periods of time.
• Epimedium/Horny Goat Weed – Increases the sex drive as effectively as any compound known to science! Testrol uses a 20:1 extract


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